It’s a fact – accidents happen to all of us. We have all been there and have felt the same frustration. Our ADP program was created to help protect you against damages such as; liquid spills, electrical surges, and drops. When an accident occurs, give our Technical Support a call to report the cause and extend of damage to your system. ASUS will work hard to repair your notebook as quickly as possible, FREE of charge. It is another way we guarantee 100% satisfaction of our products!
If you have any questions concerning your ASUS notebook or need assistance troubleshooting an issue, just give us a call. Our highly trained and experienced Technical Support Team will be happy to work with you on resolving the issue. For contact information, please click here .

* Select BRAND NEW notebooks may be eligible for the ADP program at the time of purchase. Refurbished and/or open box products DO NOT QUALIFY for ADP. Please refer to your authorized reseller for complete details. Exclusions may apply and all claims are subject to verification and confirmation by ASUS. End-user is responsible to pay for one-way shipping to a designated ASUS Repair facility, and ASUS will cover the costs of returning the unit to your originating address within the United States and Canada only.


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